VDL Grassfed Beef

SV with Sunflower Hay and Tractor Mean Red and calf Nala in the green field Our cows do not get antibiotics or hormones

You can get high quality pastured meats here.

We are a small family farm in Northern Wisconsin.  Cows grazing

We produce a very high quality grass-fed beef at a competitive price.  I also deliver very good service based upon excellent communication with customers.

Our products do not utilize chemical fertilizers, hormones, genetically modified feeds, or any grains. There are no antibiotics or hormones given to the animals to force them grow faster and stay healthy.

I make deliveries to surrounding areas.

I also procure grass fed and pasture raised animals from other farmers in my area and harvest them as well. This includes Pork and Chicken.

You can see photos of my and the other farms that I use on my FaceBook page at VDL GrassFed.

No animal I use is raised in a feedlot or factory farm setting, only pasture. All live outside all year around though most can get out of the weather if they want.

The pork I offer is pasture raised. The animals are allowed to run around outside and root in the dirt for roots, eat grass etc. They are fed corn and other grains especially in winter because it is very difficult to raise pigs in winter with only grass and hay and expect them to grow at all. They receive no hormones or antibiotics at all. In winter they can get outside whenever they want but not very much rooting is happening because of frozen ground.

I also now have pasture raised chicken. Photos of Chicken Creek Ranch, the farm they come from are on my FaceBook page at VDLGrassFed.

The more small farmers I can hook up to interested buyers, the better I like it. Also the more orders I can deliver at each location the better I like it.

Our animals grow fast due to good genetics and plenty of available grass.  They stay healthy because of a clean natural living environment that has very low stress levels. Our cattle eat only mother’s milk, grass and grass based hay.  They are kept in a very low-stress environment that is clean and natural. 

We are within delivery distance of most of the cities in Wisconsin. Please contact us if there are any questions at all.

Check out the remainder of our website.  We think you will learn a lot!